ONCHAMON Eggventure – Begin the Journey on opBNB

Eggventure Game Launch on opBNB!

Launching on May 21nd, 2024

In the vibrant world of ONCHAMON, a thrilling adventure awaits all aspiring trainers. The journey begins with Eggventure, where players join on a quest to discover and mint Oncha-eggs, unlocking the potential for fantastic rewards along the way.

The Tale of Eggventure
Once upon a time in the land of ONCHAMON, trainers set out on a grand quest called Eggventure, which unfolded in two epic phases: Generation and Apocalypse.

The Generation Phase:
In the beginning, trainers eagerly gathered to mint their Oncha-eggs, each one holding the promise of powerful creatures within. This was the start of their magical journey, where every egg minted was a step closer to discovering the wonders hidden inside.

The Apocalypse Phase:
As the sun set on the Generation phase, the real fight began. The world of ONCHAMON was fraught with peril, and the Oncha-eggs faced the Apocalypse. In this phase, trainers had to use all their wit and courage to keep their Oncha-eggs alive. The longer the eggs survived, the rarer and more valuable they became.

Survival and Rarity:

The rarity of an egg will increase as it survives in the game. If more than 1,000 Oncha-eggs are minted, the 10 Oncha-eggs that survive until the end will be of Legendary rarity.

Accumulating DPET:

Ss long as survivals, the surviving Oncha-eggs accumulated more DPET, growing stronger and more valuable with each passing moment.
However, the path was fraught with disasters. Each day brought new challenges, and many eggs were lost to the harsh trials of the Apocalypse. The fate of each Oncha-egg rested in the hands of its trainer, who had to decide whether to continue fighting for survival or to step back and protect what they had.

In the end, those who persevered through the trials of Eggventure emerged not just with legendary treasures, but with stories of bravery and resilience that would be told for generations to come in the world of ONCHAMON.