Hatch Your Oncha Egg in the Hatchery!

Hatching Monsters

In the Egg Hatchery, you can use the eggs you’ve earned in “Eggventure” to hatch special monsters. These monsters are unique and come with customizable parts that you can attach to them, making each one different and special.


The rarity of the eggs directly impacts the rarity of both the parts and the resulting monsters.

The higher the rarity of the egg, the more extraordinary the parts and companions you’ll obtain. Rare eggs lead to rare parts, which means your monsters will be more powerful and unique.

Here’s how it works:


Along with hatching monsters, you also get runes. These runes can be used to further gameplay and enhance your monsters. The rarity of the egg affects the quality of the runes you get:

These monsters will join you in your future gameplay. They will form a bond with you and enhance your gaming experience. The rarer the egg, the more impressive the monsters and their abilities will be, giving you a significant advantage in your adventures.