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In the gaming realm, Onchamon provides a fully on-chain experience with a player’s own economy, signifying a virtual universe where every aspect — from in-game assets to economic interactions — unfolds exclusively on the blockchain. Here, players wield absolute control over their gaming possessions, and the entire in-game economy is intricately woven into the blockchain fabric, ensuring a dynamic, secure, and transparent gaming environment.

Dive into an On-Chain Financial Strategy Gaming Universe

Discover the expansive Onchamon universe through these games and beyond, designed for intuitive play.


Begin your Onchamon journey by finding Oncha-egg NFTs. The longer you survive between disasters, the stronger and rarer your monsters become!


Hatch your Oncha-egg into a formidable monster with great Runes and Rarities, showcasing its strength and uniqueness in the Onchamon world.

Raid Boss

Gather your team, carefully strategize, and meticulously form the most effective combination to conquer the boss, unlocking the path to treasures awaiting discovery

Collect, Grow & Earn

A thrilling journey as you nurture and grow your very own monsters. Witness their evolution and watch them transform into powerful creatures under your care. As you guide and follow the Oncha-monster, not only do you witness their growth, but you also unlock opportunities to earn exciting rewards. Grow your monsters strategically and reap the benefits of your dedication in this adventure.

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