The Very First Raid Boss Fully On-Chain on opBNB

Onchamon Raid Boss Launching on opBNB!

Sharing 77,777 DPET prize pool and Onchaeggs NFTs

Let the game begin! The Raid Boss has arrived on opBNB! Get ready to join the very first fully on-chain raid boss gameplay and earn rewards from a 77,777 DPET prize pool and Onchaeggs NFTs.

 The game kicks off on May 22.

Join into Raid Boss game! Use your powerful monsters to battle big bosses and win special rewards like DPET and NFT Oncha Eggs.


The Raid Boss adventure has two stages: Prepare Phase and Attacking Phase.

Preparing Phase: Get your monsters ready while the boss is still asleep. Build your dream team of Oncha monsters.

Attacking Phase: Once the preparation is over, go head-to-head with the boss. Deal damage and have a shot at awesome rewards.

Play and Earn Reward

Every trainer can earn DPET or Onchaeggs with each attack from the Lucky Earning Pool.
The top 10 players who deal the most damage climb the ranks in the DAMAGE RANKING POOL, earning DPET rewards.
Raid Boss events have a time limit and might end early if the boss is defeated. The player who defeats the boss receives a special reward.