Onchamon Raid Boss: A Trainer’s Guide to Glory

Calling all monster trainers! Eggventure’s Raid Boss mode lets you unleash your fiercest Oncha monsters in epic battles against formidable bosses. This guide equips you with the knowledge to assemble the ultimate team, dominate the battlefield, and claim legendary rewards!

Assemble Your Dream Team (Preparation Phase):

  • The Clock is Ticking: This phase has a set duration, so choose your Oncha monsters wisely. Consider their element types (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind) and base stats (HP, Attack, Speed, Critical Chance) for a well-rounded team.
  • Free to Start, Flexible to Expand: You can participate with a single Oncha monster for free. Adding more slots to your team requires a small DPET fee.

  • Synergy is Key: The system calculates your team’s overall stats based on your chosen Onchas. Remember, element and rune combos can further enhance your team’s power!
  • Strategize and Optimize: Analyze the upcoming boss’s element and adjust your team composition accordingly.

Unleash the Fury (Attacking Phase):

  • Alternating Onslaught: This phase alternates with the Preparation Phase. Here, you and other trainers unleash your Oncha teams to inflict maximum damage on the boss.

  • Fury of the Pack: Each attack utilizes your team’s combined Attack Power against the boss’s HP. Critical hits deal double damage, so aim for those weak points!
  • Skills for the Win: Utilize powerful Battle Skills like “ROAR” to boost your attack or “HEAL” to restore your team’s health at crucial moments.
  • Friendly or Foe?: You can attack other teams on the battlefield to rack up points, but remember, they can counterattack! Choose your battles wisely.

Claiming Your Glory (Rewards):

  • Damage Dealers Take Center Stage: The top 10 trainers who inflict the most damage on the boss receive a share of the DPET prize pool, with the top spot earning the biggest reward.
  • The Conqueror’s Prize: The team that delivers the final blow to the boss gets a special bonus reward, a true mark of victory.
  • Lucky Treasures: Throughout the battle, you might receive surprise rewards like DPET and Oncha Eggs (including rare and legendary ones!). Keep your eyes peeled!

Remember, Trainer:

  • Time is of the Essence: Raid Boss events have a time limit and might end early if the boss falls.
  • One Team Per Wallet: You can only participate with one team per wallet address.
  • Strategic Breaks: Break times exist between attack phases, allowing you to refine your strategy and manage your team.
  • Retreat When Needed: You can retreat your team at any point, but any damage dealt resets to zero.

Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, gather your strongest Oncha monsters and dive into the thrilling world of Onchamon’s Raid Boss mode! May your team reign supreme!