Eggventure Season 4: The Winner!

Hobosoka Egg Wins Big in Eggventure Season 4!

It’s official, trainers! We have a champion! We’re excited to announce 0x……………..93a as the winner of Eggventure Season 4!

Out of Hundreds, Hibosoka #673 Takes the Crown!

Imagine facing over 715 other eggs! That’s how many competitors Hibosoka beat to become the champion. It wasn’t easy, but Hibosoka Egg has a winning strategy and battled their way to the top!

A Record-Breaking Season!

Hibosoka Egg earned a whopping 163,103.9931 DPET! This amazing shows how much time and effort they put into raising their egg and battling other trainers.

Congratulations to Hibosoka! Their victory is an inspiration to us all. It proves that with hard work and a little bit of luck, anyone can win in Eggventure! ✨

Get Ready for Season 5!

Season 4 may be over, but there’s more to come! We’re already planning an even bigger and better Season 5 with new challenges and awesome rewards. Stay tuned for updates!

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