On-chaegg and Monster NFT Information

Join Eggventure to receive OnCha-Egg. Monster’s unique rarity, parts, stats.In OnCha Monster World, it’s begin with finding Oncha-egg, hatch, and evolving monster from game to game. Trainers get to find powerful and new Monsters, then upgrade and make them stronger to get a better chance to win mystery treasury . It’s a world full of exciting monster discoveries and growth.

OnCha-Egg NFT

The quest to discover an Oncha-egg starts with Eggventure. As a found monster egg continues to thrive and absorb more natural power, its rarity level increases over time during gameplay.​

Monsters NFT


When a Monster Egg is born, it possesses a single nature element. In the expansive OnChaVerse, you’ll encounter a total of four unique natural elements to uncover. It’s a diverse and exciting world waiting to be explored.

Monster Rarity

Every Egg has a set rarity level, and the Monster that hatches from it usually has a same rarity. However, there’s also a chance that the Monster’s rarity may differ, being either higher or lower than that of the Egg.

Hatch Rate

The rarity of each part and monster depends on the rarity of the egg.

Monster & Parts Common Egg Rare Egg Elite Egg Epic Egg Lengendary Egg
Common 90% 15% 1% 1% 0%
Rare 9% 80% 14% 3% 0%
Elite 1% 4% 80% 14% 1%
Epic 0% 1% 4% 80% 4%
Legend 0% 0% 1% 2% 95%


Monster Part

Each Monster comes with six parts: Claw, Horn, Mane, Wing, Tail, and Particle. While these parts are often match to the Monster’s characteristics, their chances of appearing can vary, creating a diversity of possibilities.

The total stat of a monster is calculated by summing the individual stats of its parts and body. Each type of part corresponds to two specific stats, and their values are randomized within predefined ranges.