ONCHAMON: A Series of Blockchain Games


Once upon a time in the enchanting world of the Monster Verse, trainers set out on a thrilling quest to find the legendary Oncha-egg through blockchain. Their journey was filled with excitement as they discovered special eggs, each containing a unique monster inside. After hatching these eggs, they brought their mysterious creatures to life through the blockchain games process.

But the real adventure began when they faced the mighty “Raid Boss.” Here, trainers could test their skills and strategy by battling these formidable foes with their powerful monsters, all in pursuit of special rewards.

With their trusty companions by their side, trainers embarked on exciting quests in the ONCHAMON world. They competed with fellow trainers and their monsters for valuable treasures, navigating through challenges and reaping the rewards of their bravery and determination.

In this world of endless excitement and rewards, trainers and their monsters were always ready for the next thrilling adventure. Their bonds grew stronger with each challenge they faced, paving the way for even greater adventures in the Monster Verse.

Keys Game

Fully on-chain games

ONCHAMON’s games are built entirely on the blockchain through the smart contract. Ensuring a transparent mechanism and player-owned economy. These principles are the cornerstones of ONCHAMON’s development in a decentralized world.

On-chain re-skin and upgradeable

Upgradeable Monster NFTs form the central value of the ONCHAMON World. By collecting these NFTs and participating in various ONCHAMON games, you can earn valuable rewards. The journey commences with the process of gathering Eggs to unveil new Monsters, enabling deeper immersion in ONCHAMON’s diverse and competitive world. In ONCHAMON, each Monster boasts unique advantages when participating in different games, and amassing multiple Monsters can give you a strategic advantage in winning.

Player-owned economy

A player-owned economy lets players have significant control over in-game assets and transaction. Available trade, craft, gather resources, and influence market dynamics through smart contracts, ensuring true ownership of digital items.