Raid Boss Season 2 Launches on opBNB: June 18th, 2024!

Calling all Onchamon trainers! Get ready to test your skills and teamwork because Raid Boss Season 2 is kicking off on June 18th, 2024, exclusively on opBNB!

Assemble Your Team and Conquer the Challenge

This season promises epic battles against powerful Raid Bosses. You’ll need to join forces with fellow trainers, strategize your team composition, and unleash your strongest attacks to emerge victorious.

Game Start On

Start Time: 4:00 UTC, June 18th, 2024

How to Participate

  1. Assemble Your Team:
    • Join forces with fellow trainers.
    • Strategize and optimize your team composition.
    • Prepare to unleash your strongest attacks.
  2. Epic Battles:
    • Face off against powerful Raid Bosses.
    • Coordinate with your team to maximize damage output.
    • Aim to defeat the Raid Bosses and climb the ranks.

Prize Pool

There’s a total of 77,777 DPET up for grabs! Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Total Prize Pool: 77,777 DPET
  • Last Hit Pool: 10,000 DPET (reward for defeating the final Raid Boss)
  • Top 10 Damage Ranking Pool: 32,891 DPET (awarded based on damage dealt)
  • Lucky Pool: 29,386 DPET (random rewards distributed throughout the event)

Rewards Worth Fighting For

The challenge is fierce, but the rewards are even greater! Here’s how you can earn a piece of the prize pool:

  • Participation & Monster Slot Fees: 85% will be added to the prize pool, with 15% allocated for development fees.
  • Battle Skills Purchases: Similar to participation fees, 85% goes to the prize pool, and 15% supports development.

Prize Pool Breakdown:

At the end of the Raid Boss event, the prize pool will be divided into two parts:

  • Damage Ranking Pool (80%)

The top 10 teams dealing the most damage will be rewarded based on a tiered system:

Rank Prize (%)
1 50.0%
2 20.0%
3 10.0%
4-6 4.0% (each)
7-10 2.0% (each)
  • Boss Takedown Bonus (20%)

The team that defeats the final Raid Boss wins a share of the prize pool.

  • Rewards for Ranks 11-50:

    • Ranks 11-20: 300 DPET each
    • Ranks 21-30: 150 DPET each
    • Ranks 31-50: 50 DPET each

Note: The reward will be manually sent to the Trainer after the season ends.

  • Lucky Earning Pool – An Extra Layer of Excitement

Throughout the Raid Boss event, there’s a chance to win additional rewards from the Lucky Earning Pool every time you attack the Boss. These rewards include DPET tokens, Onchamon eggs, and enhancement stones.

Get Ready, Trainers!

This is your chance to experience Onchamon like never before. Mark your calendars for June 18th, assemble your team, and prepare for an unforgettable Raid Boss adventure! See you on opBNB, trainers!