Battle On! Raid Boss Season 3 Hits on July 18th!

Calling all Onchamon trainers! Get ready to brawl! Raid Boss Season 2 kicks off on July 18th, 2024, only on opBNB. Time to team up and unleash your strongest attacks!

Build Your Team & Crush the Bosses

This season brings brutal clashes against mega Raid Bosses. To win, you’ll need to:

  • Team Up: Find the monsters to join your team.
  • Strategize: Plan your team to be super powerful.
  • Unleash Fury: Hit the bosses with your strongest attacks!

Mark Your Calendars!

  • Battle Starts: July 18th, 2024, 4:00 UTC

Join the Fight

  1. Build Your Team: Find other trainers to team up with. Talk about the best way to structure your team to win the battles.
  2. Fight the Boss: Get ready to face off against super strong Raid Bosses. Work together with your crew to do the most damage and climb the rankings!

Massive Prize Pool Up for Grabs!

There’s a giant prize pool of 40,000 DPET waiting to be won! Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Total Prizepool: 40,000 DPET
  • Last Hit Boss: 2,000 DPET (awarded for defeating the final Raid Boss) and 2 Stone Water Level 5
  • Top 10 Damage Dealers: 18,038 DPET (awarded based on total damage dealt) –  The top 1 player would earn the bonus reward: 2 Stone Water Level 5
  • Lucky Loot: 14,462 DPET (random rewards throughout the event)

Everyone Plays a Part!

  • Entry Fees & Monster Slots: 85% goes to the prize pool, 15% goes to development.
  • Battle Skill Buffs: Similar to entry fees, 85% goes to the prize pool, 15% supports development.

Prize Pool Breakdown

After the battles are over, the prize pool is split in two:

  • Top Damage Dealers (80%)
    • The top 10 teams dealing the most damage are rewarded based on a system.
  • Boss Takedown Bonus (20%)
    • The team that defeats the final Raid Boss wins a share of the prize pool.

Rewards for Ranks 11-50

Even if you don’t make the top 10, there are still rewards! Ranks 11-50 get prizes too:

  • Ranks 11-20: 300 DPET each
  • Ranks 21-30: 150 DPET each
  • Ranks 31-50: 50 DPET each

Note: Rewards are sent to trainers after the season ends.

Lucky Loot Bonus: Extra Chance to Win!

Every time you challenge the Boss during the event, you have a chance to win bonus rewards from the Lucky Loot Bonus! These rewards include DPET tokens, Onchamon eggs, and enhancement stones.


DPET Drop rate Quantity
7 1.00% 400
777 0.005% 5
7777 0.0005% 1


Oncha-egg Drop rate Quantity
Common 1.00% 600
Rare 0.10% 150
Elite 0.01% 40
Epic 0.005% 10
Legend 0.0005% 2

Enhance Stone

Blue Stone Drop Rate Quantity
Lv1 1.00% 600
Lv2 0.10% 150
Lv3 0.01% 40
Lv4 0.005% 10
Lv5 0.0005% 5

Onchamon Trainers, Assemble!

This is your chance to experience Onchamon in a whole new way. Mark July 18th on your calendars, build your crew, and get ready for an epic Raid Boss adventure! See you on opBNB, trainers!