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On-Chain Financial
Strategy Game

The new Defi Monster-Verse

On-chain Financial Strategy Game

Series of fully on-chain game-play

Collect and own monster

Every monster can create profit

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The Wish

Join a decentralized Onchamon universe to create the world’s fully on-chain monster game. Employ strategic thinking and skills in various battles to bolster your friendly monsters with strong parts, aiding them in defeating powerful creatures and safeguarding the Onchamon planet.

Monster Universe

Join the interconnected Onchamon universe through these immersive gaming experiences.

Raid Boss

Gather your team, carefully strategize, and meticulously form the most effective combination to conquer the boss, unlocking the path to treasures awaiting discovery


Hatch your Oncha-egg into a formidable monster with great Runes and Rarities, showcasing its strength and uniqueness in the Onchamon world.


Begin your Onchamon journey by finding Oncha-egg NFTs. The longer you survive between disasters, the stronger and rarer your monsters become!

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The Very First Raid Boss Fully On-Chain on opBNB


Onchamon Raid Boss Launching on opBNB! Sharing 77,777 DPET prize pool and Onchaeggs NFTs Let the game begin! The Raid Boss has arrived on opBNB! Get ready to join the very first fully on-chain raid boss gameplay and earn rewards from a 77,777 DPET prize pool and Onchaeggs NFTs.  The

  • May 20, 2024
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ONCHAMON Eggventure – Begin the Journey on opBNB


Eggventure Game Launch on opBNB! Launching on May 21nd, 2024 In the vibrant world of ONCHAMON, a thrilling adventure awaits all aspiring trainers. The journey begins with Eggventure, where players join on a quest to discover and mint Oncha-eggs, unlocking the potential for fantastic rewards along the way. The Tale

  • May 20, 2024
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Hatch Your Oncha Egg in the Hatchery!


Hatching Monsters In the Egg Hatchery, you can use the eggs you’ve earned in “Eggventure” to hatch special monsters. These monsters are unique and come with customizable parts that you can attach to them, making each one different and special. Rarity The rarity of the eggs directly impacts the rarity

  • May 17, 2024
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Exploring Roadmaps

Our plan involves introducing game launches, each offering a unique gameplay experience within the Onchamon game ecosystem.

Quarter 4, 2023

Eggventure Launch

Quarter 1, 2024

Raid Boss Launch

Quarter 2, 2024

Enhancement Launch


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